Top 3 Freelancing Sites for Online Entrepreneur

This article is going over briefly in my opinion the top 3 freelancing sites for online entrepreneur. If you own a business or are looking into starting one this year, don’t try and be a “solopreneur” and learn to outsource, learn to let go. It’s a magical thing.

You’re started a business, CONGRATS!  Maybe you’re an expert and already generating sales and revenue with your business. Or, you’re looking to start one this year even cooler! I’m honestly excited for you, for I remember when I started mine years ago and the energy that is pumping through your body is the best high on earth.

I have always been a control freak. There’s only one way to do it and, thats my way. Until I became a full time business owner of multiple sites and projects, all that control took a toll on me. A hard lesson many entrepreneurs have to learn, and that lesson is; LET GO. Not only did I have to learn this in business but in life. It’s has taken some time, but now that I have learned this skill, I feel I can accomplish 10 fold what I could in the past and have 10x more energy after it’s all done. Let’s discuss three freelancing website that I use that has helped me in a massive way grow and scale while practicing the ability to let go of control.


#1 Freelancing Site for the Online Entrepreneur 

Top 3 Freelancing Sites for the 2017 Entrepreneur

Yup. I said it. may come as a shock to many because it is such a “low cost” site that it would translate into the quality of the gigs. is a freelance budget site where the base cost is, you guessed it, $5. What can you get for $5 you ask? Just about anything simply put. People from around the world, yes even the US are freelancing on this site. Each $5 “gig” as they call it on Fiverr is simply put, a Job that you can hire someone for. You may be thinking, “what the shit can I get done for $5?! Nothing, that’s what!”… “SCAMS! I’ll save that $5 for another failed FB Ad, yeah, that’s a good idea!”. “That it is all shit work and you’ll get nothing good for $5”.

Well, I am here today to tell you that you’re complete and utterly wrong. What you can get for $5 BLOWS my mind practically daily. I have used this site to build out all my stores. For logo design, eCommerce service, SEO articles,  and of course, custom coding! Yes, all for $5.  I know, your mind is blown. You can get just about anything done on here in regards to any online service. Yes, there may be some turds in there as far as gigs go, so make sure you check the reviews and if the reviews don’t make you feel comfortable, message the freelancer! It is completely normal and understandable to do such a thing.

When I say you can have anything done on Fiverr, I wasn’t joking. Why not get a Super Hero Badge? Want to prank one of your friends? Yes, this one is good. Want to quit your job so you can become a Digital Nomad? Have someone write you a mature resignation letter that will not burn all your bridges.  Wedding Invitations, check, a custom QR code no one will scan, check. You think any testimonial is real? Get ready for your mind to be blown. Get a testimonial for literally anything.


#2 Freelancing Site for the Online Entrepreneur

Top 3 Freelancing Sites for the 2017 Entrepreneur

I recently found out about this freelancing site and haven’t been able to turn back since. is my homeland for anything and all things SEO. This is a new and about to be thriving market place where again you can get almost anything done, but; their SEO services are above par. I actually was informed of this site when one of my good friends who is an SEO consultant gave me this site for he even uses it sometimes!

If you are looking for a PBN to be built cheap, or strong backlinks to your site, maybe domain stacking, a strong social signal stack or, an insanely good local seo service. This is the site to get SEO done, seriously.

This site is built from and started from an SEO expert, and now he is looking to scale all the services that are out there. Don’t get left behind in the SEO field for it’s a vital part of any online business. With SEO becoming more and more complicated in the ever changing environment of Google Updates and what matters and what doesn’t, leave it to the experts at to keep you ranking on the first page.


#3 Freelancing Site for the Online Entrepreneur

Top 3 Freelancing Sites for the 2017 Entrepreneur

In 2014, two leading freelance networks, Elance and oDesk, merged to form Upwork. This merger has now created the largest network for freelancers known.

There are more than 12 million registered users, five million clients, and three million jobs posted every year, that is worth a total of $1 Billion USD!

What differentiates Upwork is that you can establish the type of project you want and decide what you are willing to pay, whether it be a fixed price or a target hourly rate. has this option as well, however; on you are able to eliminate Freelancers that don’t hit your requirement marks based upon their “experience”. Not only that, you are able to search freelancers easier than any other market on what you need and the skills they have. Not only is, but, you are able to hire digital agencies that may specialize in what you need so you do not “put all your eggs in one freelancer”.

The site features an easy-to-use chat feature, a time-tracker and a payment protection plan to make communication and collaboration with your client a breeze.


Closing Thoughts

If you are a business owner, a freelancer or, someone who has a “normal” job but could use some help. These freelancer sites could be a massive help for you. Remember all business owners, especially the ones bootstrapping  or the “control freaks” like myself before I learned this hard lesson. One lesson I really take to heart after being an entrepreneur for five years and literally burning out dozens, if not hundreds of times. Remember one thing, there is one currency that carries the most weight, the one that is worth more than any piece of paper or metal, and that currency is time. Value your time, know what an hour is worth to you, and if you can find it for cheaper than what you consider your hourly rate, outsource. It isn’t that you are a slacker, it is you, being an entrepreneur and moving past the hurdle of extreme bootstrapping and, learning how to delegate, and let go. This will not only save you time but, will free your mind to focus on more important tasks.

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