How to get suspended from eBay in 72 Hours

How to prevent being suspended within 72 hours of opening your new eBay Store!

So many of you have heard of eBay, right? Well, have you heard of dropshipping from eBay? Maybe not. For the past two years, I have been mainly working on my own sites until recently. Someone inspired me to launch my own eBay store. My next option was to move my one store to eBay. Another sales channel, great. Why not, right? Take items that I already dropship and now sell them through eBay as well. In this quick blog, will touch on how my account was suspended within 72 hours of opening it, how you can prevent it and, the other hurdles I faced when opening up my first eBay dropshipping store and how I overcame them.

The 1st Hurdle;

So once, I decided to launch my eBay store, I asked a friend of mine who also just started out on eBay and was in the process of moving all his products over. He told me it was a headache, he could only upload two products a day and was only able to have a limit of $500 worth of total inventory. For me, $500 of inventory meant two items and honestly more than likely just one item.

So I upload my one product and that was that. I was already maxed out at my limit.

That just won’t do I say.

The 1st Solution;

I called eBay. I know, who the hell calls people anymore, am I right?  Anyways, I called them and requested for my account to be “upgraded” of sorts. After going through proving that I was an “experienced” online eCommerce owner, I GOT APPROVED. BOOM. 350 products I could have uploaded with a maximum inventory of $25,000. So basically how eBay regulates new stores is by the number of products you can have listed simultaneously & the total value of that inventory.

So if you have 1 product that is $250 – you have $250 total inventory. If you have 2 items that are both $250 you now have $500 worth and so on, you get it. Bottom line, I was quite happy for I was now overnight able to upload just about every product I have listed on my store.

The 2nd Hurdle;

I realized how slow I was at uploading across the eBay channel. Just like anything, the learning curve for eBay uploading isn’t bad or treacherous but just, as per usual with uploading products, time consuming. After uploading one product, I knew that there was or is software or an expert that can automate or accelerate this process.  Again, this comes back to knowing what your time is worth. And if you can find someone that can help you in that process for a lower rate than your own.. outsource. So I did.

The 2nd Solution;

So, I found someone (via upwork). I intereviewed this peson briefly over messanger on upwork and realized he had plenty of experience. He showed me example and reports he had done for previous
clients and proclaimed himself an “eBay expert”. So, I went with it.

Within a day he was uploading around five products an hour which, in my opinion was quite good. I actually asked him to limit it to five a day. I didn’t want to get suspended for I heard of people getting banned for less. Little did I know.

I would go in, back check his work, correct minor mistakes and within 48 hours we had a template ready to rock. SWEET!

The 3rd Hurdle!;

Well, don’t ya know within the next 24 hour time span, I receive an email from eBay stating all my products have been removed and my account had been suspended. This is literally what the email stated;

Hello myusername,

After reviewing your eBay account, recent activity has raised serious security concerns. As a result, we’ve taken the following action on your account:
– Your eBay account has been suspended.
– Item listings have been removed. A list of removed items is available further down in this email.

You won’t be able to use eBay in any way. This includes using another existing account or registering a new account. Any outstanding selling fees are due immediately, and any amounts that you haven’t previously disputed will be charged to the billing method currently on file.

Ya, so I wasn’t getting my products back from the way it sounded and honestly, figured my days of eBay were done. 72 hours, that all it took and I was already wiped clean and suspended.

The Final Solution to eBay Dropshipping & PRO TIPS below;

Well, for me, I wasn’t too happy about that so after a solid 30 seconds of debate, I called them from the Chiang Mai Airport at 6:00am to get their customer support team on the phone. Long story short and a lot of validations and investigative reporting from the eBay end, I was cleared and my account and shop was open for business once again. The downfall? Yes, I lost all my products, however; it was less than 20 so I would prefer it to be now than when it was 350, right? So it was a blessing for it to happen so quickly.

Ok ok, so what the fuck was the reason and how do I ensure that doesn’t happen to me, you are probably wondering. Maybe you already guessed it.

Well, I didn’t inform eBay that my company was a global company and they say people signing in from all over the world, the US, Chiang Mai, Philippines. They right away had a red flag raised. After going about all this with the support team, it made sense. I took a breathe and realized how thankful I was that it happened now rather than later.

So my pro tip for dropshipping on eBay?

Once your account is setup, if you plan to have an address that is not the one registered to your account address because that is the location it is being
dropshipped from, let eBay know. If you plan on outsourcing product upload, let eBay know. If you plan on outsourcing the eBay operations, let eBay know. Bottom line, you can avoid all of this if you are transparent with eBay from the front what you are doing and what your intentions are. And lastly, call if you have an issue, their support team is very helpful unlike many other companies.

I look forward to selling on eBay and to see what kind of results I get. Maybe I’ll even have a case study to show for it.

Thanks for reading and all the best,



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