Showering in Bali

So if you have a partner that you haven’t seen in 6 months, you’d want to be clean, right? I mean don’t get me wrong any other day, showering is meh, overrated but, today, different story.  This blog is a quick story on a life lesson and how something so small can teach you a life lesson if you open your eyes to it.

We’ve been talking on FB messenger for months. Video chats, and falling asleep to her voice as we were doing the long distance relationship and 12 hours apart.
It’s finally the day she arrives.
I wake up a few hours early, it’s raining and, I am high on life. She’s showing up, she’ll be here in hours.
 So I go about my normal morning routine and as I’m about to brush my teeth, I turn the focet to the left, and nothing comes out. I go to the shower. Yup nothing. Toilet.. nothing. Greeeeat.
So I grab my bottled water and use that to brush my teeth for a friend reminded me of that. Teeth, check.
Now the shower. How the shit am I gonna shower with no water. I look out the window. It’s raining, still. I strip down to my boxers, and yup, you guessed it, went outside and showered in the rain in front of my guest house. A bar of soap and a dream to be clean, the rain pursued heavily with a somewhat warm temperature to it, which was nice.
A group of people that looked to be trying to fix the water and/or sitting there watching the others fail at fixing the water on my left hand side about 50 feet away all start giving me thumbs up, clapping and, all.
Mother nature took care of me this morning for it was exactly what I needed. I was initially upset it rained and soon realized to switch my emotions to happy. Shower, check.
Moral of the story? Sometimes you’re gonna smell when you first see your partner after 6 months. And sometimes you gotta not only dance in the rain, but; shower in it too. Water is never assumed to be 100% available while traveling.  Never take advantage of it. And, lastly, your emotions control your reality. For without them there is no perceived “good” or “bad”. Be present, shower in the rain.

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