Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

Everything here are products that I stand behind. Whether they are products I have used in the last years while running online businesses or, products I would use on my next project. This list, will basically give you all the resources you will need to get started on your online store today!

I really want to stress that I will never recommend something that I don’t personally use or something I know isn’t the quality I would want myself! There is only one favor I ask and that is if you’re going to sign up for the service or buy the product anyways, please, use my link so I can get credit for referring you.



Ok, so this section is going to include all the resource I’ve used or what has been recommended to me from my trusted partners.

1st and foremost, the reason I am able to write this article. Anton’s “DSL” course also know as the Drop Ship Lifestyle Course. This course have given me the freedom to travel and make enough money to live in places like Thailand and Indonesia. This is #1 recommendation for anyone looking to get into dropshipping! It has paid off more than I can imagine. Learn step-by-step how to build a site and take that site to your exact audience. The best part? They continue to add more value every year. Pay once, learn and improve, forever!

How to Drop Shipping
#1 Suggested Dropshipping Course!


People are always asking me what to sell online. Well, luckily I have for you 187 niche ideas for you for FREE!

Not only that, but Anton from Drop Ship Lifestyle will give you the opportunity to sign up for his Niche Selection system which is also the beginning and first part of learning to dropship. Not too sure about dropshipping? I’d suggest opting in if you aren’t ready for whatever reason to just start the process and learn more.

Stuck on what Niche? Not anymore


Start Today: Start today with a free trial from Shopify. Always love free thigns, right?! Yea, me too. Click below for a 14 Day Free trial to be exact! See if this solution best fits your needs for any eCommerce business!

I’ve been using shopify since the start and couldn’t be happier. Everything is offered within this platform from high quality “apps” you can add to your store to make it overall a better store to 24/7 customer support when you are stuck. Hands down recommend every time to anyone who asks me where to start.

Shopify For Free
Shopify Free Trial!


You never want your store, blog, site or digital product to be dependent on Paid Acquisition. There is one service I would recommend to anyone when it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEMRush. Been using this service for quite some time and they continue to iterate and improve to better serve digital marketers.

Try SEMRUSH for Free.


For this site, I am using WordPress. For anyone I know that does any kind of blogging, majority of people I know are using WordPress. With that, you need a hosting service and for me, I am always looking for the deals to extend that dollar.

My number one suggestion is GoDaddy. Why? Because the image below. $1/Month if you click below. This option is publicly available either on their site, so grab it while ya can! That is hosting for $12/Year. When most hosting service range from $3 to $.4.95 a month, you can sit back and enjoy $12 a year!

$1 Month Hosting Service
$1 Month Hosting with GoDaddy!


When starting a business, forming a proper business may be something you want to consider. I know I did. I formed an LLC and with MyUSACorp they made it extremely easy and answered all my questions. Why form an LLC? It basically keeps your personal finances separate from your business. It is a bit of a safe guard and when you are forming multiple business and having partners, it is better to attach your business rather than your personal accounts. I have also in my past used a lawyer to setup a “proper business” and, as you can imagine, I payed an arm and a leg for it. MyUSACorp handles dozens of different business formations, so if you are considering, no matter the type of structure I would consider taking a look. I strongly believe in MyUSACorp for a fairly priced way of forming the business you want.

Want to form a business?

You’re in luck! I have an exclusive $25 OFF coupon with MyUSACorp.

Be Sure to use coupon code RBOTTO25

Start on the Right Foot. Form a Proper Business!



I strongly believe that once you learn a task, you can outsource it. I also believe, and preach to anyone who asks about outsourcing that if you can find someone who can do the job for less than your “hourly rate”, outsource it. With that being said, I already wrote a post about my favorite freelance sites. Click and enjoy your newly found time below 🙂 Or just head over to Fiverr for the quickest and easiest way to start

My Top 3 Outsourcing Sites Blog Post!


Everyone who is running a business remotely needs a way for people to contact them. There are various ways to do this, and depending on the frequency of your calls depends on the importance you put behind it. If you want to go through a variety of loopholes, that is possible for free. Grasshopper is my recommendation to streamlining that hassle into a simple solution. You can simply keep your current number, create multiple extensions for “everyone” on your team and, call forwarding to free you up to work anywhere. Give it a shot for free below (using the

Grasshopper for Free


Theme Forest is my go to.  They have a massive library of WordPress themes ready to go for you. This website can offer you almost any type of website theme you may want. Let your imagination run free by taking a peak for yourself. – Any Theme for Any Type of Site


You guessed it, The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. This book has literally changed my life and my way of thinking. For anyone who is looking to live an entrepreneurial life, I 100% suggest reading this book.

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss


Keep In Touch;


I hope I have given you some helpful services above! Because I continue to use new services quite often, I plan to continuously add to this as I find products and services I truly enjoy!

Thanks for reading and, all the best,