7 Tips for Taking Creative Photos

7 Tips for Taking a Creative Photo

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. So you want to spark a new creative edge to your photography? Everyone has their own opinion on what is creative and what is not. Art is in the eye of the beholder, however; I hope this quick article will help you come up with some new ways to be creative with your photography.

This short post will be about techniques and ways that I use to this day to change a photo from boring (in my opinion) to that next level.

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My Gear List

So you are looking to potentially quite your job? Maybe move to Thailand? Or maybe, you’re Interested in getting into photography? Maybe you’re already living abroad and want some ideas on some of the gear I use to make the great pieces of art I do. I plan to write a blog about some of this as well! I am going to include all the gear I have been traveling with for the six months and what I would potentially suggest too!  
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Ready for Liftoff


I’ve been doing all these activities, starting, failing forward, failing backward, photography, traveling the world and starting businesses. It’s been quite a journey and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Ready For Liftoff

I’m happy you’re here for I am finally ready to share it.

Strap in for this is bound to have highs and lows just like my life.

Are you ready to see the RAW end of my life?

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