Digital Nomad Summit 2017

Well, we made it. The Nomad Summit 2017. This article is going to go over some of the speakers, what was discussed and just my opinions on the event as a whole! As someone who is always looking to expand my knowledge and network, this event hit both those points! If that is something you may be interested in, read below and see if we will see you in 2018!

To start, this event had over 350+ Digital Nomads attending it. To be at such an event was quite inspiring.  The speakers brought a fantastic mixture of inspiration and tangible tactics that you can take home with you all based around “leveling up”.

 Nomad Summit Speakers 2017

There were great speakers such as Hanne Vervaeck with Thrive Themes.  She spoke about moving past an MVP. A new approach that she self coined as MMP or Minimum Marketable Product. Hanne went into how she has used and improved with this new strategy!

While Hanne was followed by probably one of my favorite speakers of the day, Leanne Beasley with  Leanne brought so much energy to the room dropping content bombs on hey, if you have little to no skills (I slowly raise my hand haha) that is not an excuse to say no or product terrible content.  Leanne shared many websites that before her talk, I had no idea about. She opened my eyes to the true potential of creating in this fantastic day and age of the internet.  Site’s like,, just to name a few! The only thing holding you back is your imagination and, well, yourself.

Following Leanne was Mr. David Dang Vu who has the #1 business course on Udemy and a leader in the Ebay Method.  He started on his upbringing, the hard times that his parents had gone through and his personality from flipping pencils in high school to flipping on eBay. David went on and talked about Nick Walter and how you and anyone can do this if you actually want it bad enough. He had a theme throughout stating, like his parents, you have to be hungry for it. He coined this the “Hungry Immigrant Mentality”.  He gave great actionable content that left you in the audience with some basic understandings of how to get started with creating a course.  A tip from David in regards to creating a course “Just start recording – fuck it, just record and go for it!”.

Next up, Quinn Zeda of Zeda Labs.  Penis rockets, super heroes and UX. Quinn really stressed the idea and the power of a great looking user interface. She kept it light and I really appreciate the nerdy undertone that she portrayed for her businesses. Quinn gave case examples from her and her companies personal experiences on the importance of UX. She dove into examples and the thought process her and her company went into to grow websites like to gather over 62 million entries (I personally am an ENFP – that’s a whole different blog post!).

From UX to Youtube, following Quinn was Riley Bennet of Livin that Life. Riley shared his story from living on a couch to traveling the world full time snapchatting and “Livin that Life”. Full of useful keys to the reality of getting started up. Riley drove a great point, that you are here at this conference. You are attending and with the law of attraction, you are going to what you want to achieve. That he drink ate and slept youtube, he wanted to be part of it. He wanted to be a youtube blogger and because he thought it and thought it often, he now is doing it. Riley’s pieces of advice? Have a partner in crime, attend conference, get help from someone who is already doing what you want to do and, want it really hard.

Marcherry Garnica Brenwall had hands down, with the most inspirational story of the day.  Going from a full time VA to running her own online business and hiring her own VAs. She inspired us by talking about her struggles in life and online to some laughs on how she went from being a VA and then when she became a business owner, she herself didn’t know how to communicate to VA’s.  Her piece of advice? You have to network. To think big and go for it! The world is a big place. You will be surprised by how many people shop online. It is not easy to make money online. Don’t think you are alone! Align yourself with like minded people. Find your circle. Be open to opinions, but don’t listen – Find what works for you. Make sure you don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

Emma Mclaren spoke on her history and how she has lived in 25 different countries in 35 years. How she is proud to be Canadian but hasn’t lived there for years. And how self care has been in her life stressing the importance to long time travelers. She was RAW about the long term traveling and how it can be stressful, it can be tiring and, the only way to stay healthy is to ensure you have self care incorporated in your life. Her final remarks were “The nomad community will change the fucking world!”.


Low and behold, we were honored with Jubril of Mr think outside the box. To be honest, I didn’t know who he was until he stood on the stage, but people were really excited to hear him speak. So, ya, I was interested on who he was and what he’d say. Jubril dropped knowledge on how he has been approached by national media companies to be a host but, has instead decided to stay solo for, he understands that being your own boss is the best. Jubril also went into how he generates his money through managing (currently) FB ad accounts for people that have hundreds of thousands of followers, actors, and more. Managing millions of ad spend a year he dropped a small tip on some mistakes many newbies in FB marketing make.

Last but not least, the event was closed with Johnny FD. He closed the event with an incredibly emotional story. Discussing throughout what he called the Digital Nomad Hierarchy of Needs.

Overall, after closing remarks, I can say I haven’t felt that energized and motived in a long time. I went home with a ton of actionable information and knowledge. Leaving the event, I was high on life and realizing how exciting it is to be part of such a community.

Digital Nomad Summit Chiang Mai 2017

Let’s Talk Food

So, I have been vegetarian now for about half a year and that was the downfall in regards to breakfast. I basically survived off coffee and sweets until lunch. When lunch came, ya, it was a huge variety of vegetarian options and couldn’t of been happier with it. I was in a room filled with Digital Nomads and at a table filled majority of people I didn’t know talking about life.

Overall Thoughts on the Nomad Summit 2017

Like I mentioned above, I left the event fully energized to take on the world and become even better at what I do and want to do. Hearing people that were living on a couch now, traveling the world with his best friend made me remember why I started my journey.  There were over 350+ people there and even though I have been living in Chiang Mai for six months, I didn’t know half of the room. It was so easy to connect with people and network. These events are meant for that as a whole for you don’t know what or who will come of any interaction.  The event was also kept at a light tone and not too “businessy” which I think really fits well for the Digital Nomad community. Everything seemed to be organized for the most part with minimal technical issues, and smooth transitions. Final note, for me, this really solidified a goal of mine. For in 2016, I remember watching the video and being in my cubicle at work saying, I will be there next year. For me, it was a highlight to actually make it, to say I am making money online and pursuing more and more way to do so. It is a major goal and achievement I am personally proud of. This could easily be you as well, next year.

Digital Nomad Summit Chiang Mai 2017

So, Should I Go to the Nomad Summit in 2018? 

If you are a newbie, already making six figures + or, want to become a “digital nomad” that wants to connect and tap into the beating heart and soul of this movement, than you should attend this event. There are people starting out and people making over 10k/month all with online sources of revenue in mind. This event alone double practically from last year and, I assume it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Just like more and more people looking  to build income online, this event will continue to grow with that movement. If you’re the type of person like me, who gets energized by seeing peers succeed and give talks and tell stories about their struggles and how they’ve overcome them, than this event is for you.

  Johnny FD and Robert Botto at Digital Nomad Summit Chiang Mai 2017 Digital Nomad Summit Chiang Mai 2017

You can watch past Nomad Summit presentations on their Youtube Channel

Nomad Summit 2016


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