Giving “Wheelio” a Spin

This quick blog is about a new app you can find on the Shopify platform I am giving a try on one of my eCommerce stores called “Wheelio”. Wheelio is the 1st Shopify App interactive exit intent popup that I am aware of and, well, I am pretty stoked to talk about it.

So what is “Wheelio”? 

Quickly speaking, wheelio is the FIRST interactive exit intent popup, well, ever! So to all us on the interwebs, that pretty cool. Usually all exit intents are those annoying pop ups that say “WAIT A MINUTE! ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO LEAVE?! – Insert EMAIL HERE AND GET THIS “EXCLUSIVE COUPON”.

So if you don’t understand what I am saying, maybe I’ll even write a blog about exit intent popups too following this one.

In my opinion, this app is going to change the idea of an exit intent forever (hopefully). This app makes an exit intent popup, FUN and INTERACTIVE instead of annoying. PLUS the consumer will or could get something out of it. So it is a win win for every party.

So what makes it so different?

Instead of an annoying popup, like I mention above, it offers an interactive approach to exit intent.  Instead of annoying you with a box that literally pops up, imagine half of the page being filled with this wheel. It slides out gradually with different offers that you can potentially win by just entering your email!

This app actually makes an exit intent … fun!? Ya.. I said it. It’s fun. Bottom line. And you can offer deals on your “wheel” that almost never get landed on, but they look incredible! How is that possible!? You may ask. Well, this app gives you the option to add weights to the options a customer can land on. You can put the most weight on whatever offer you want people to land on with maybe a 75% OFF offer in there that will almost never get landed on because of it’s low weight. But it’s there! So as a consumer, ya that looks good. And for you, well, you may have it hit once in a while, but it’s worth it.

In exchange for spinning, consumers have to put in their email. And yes, email is as powerful as ever. That is another blog, though!

Let’s watch a quick video of a real pirate. This is totally a real pirate by the way. And should give you a better visual of it.

Now that you get it, what do my results look like? 

Right, so off to the small case study. I recently launched a new store with a friend and figured this would be a great time to test this app. So with that being said, the results.

This app has been running for maybe 4 days now. And as of now, the settings we had established initially were for it to only show up on exit intent. We were converting at a whopping 3.5%. We not have included to have this show up after someone has been on our site for 15 seconds. This has increased our conversion to around 6%. When I say conversion, I mean, on exit, receiving emails.

What is interesting, we have yet to have a customer use any of the coupons? So that is quite odd in my opinion, but, it is still early.

Also, a needed feature for any exit intent, ability to choose the days until the same customer can see it again.


  • Completely revolutionary in regards to exit intents
  • Interactive making it fun for customers regardless of how shitty your copy is
  • You can get creative with copy on what customers can win & lose
  • Great control over rewards to customer
  • Fairly easy to customize



  • Once you add an image to your logo section, you can not remove it
  • Only integrates with AWeber & Mailchimp. Well, it’s not live yet “coming soon option” (but does offer an email export option)
  • Doesn’t use HTML color codes


Overall Thoughts;

This app is only on the free trial as of right now and once it is over will be priced at $14.92/month. I am not sure if I will pay for it personally just yet, however; I do believe this app is going to revolutionize the way people think about exit intents. And I now will expect a flood of developers to follow these footsteps and copy and create their own versions. In my opinion, TRY IT and see how it works with your shop. Free trials do no harm but only can help.

Want to Give it a Try? Here is The Link to the app in Shopify!

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