Hey, Robert Botto Here!

To be quick, I am a professional digital marketer with experiences in growing startups, solopreneurship and, digital nomad-ness.


In 2011 I am proud to say I graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelors in Agricultural Business Management. I was ready to join the “real world” and start making some real money within my family business. Eager to learn the in’s and out’s of the family business. For a year, this is what I did. But then I wanted more.

First Entrepreneurial Journey

In January 2012 I purchased a digital franchise for roughly $20,000 while working full time with my family. Long story short, I was working a lot and loving it! Let’s just say, from 6:00am to 4:30PM I was with my family. While from 5:15PM to about 9:30pm was franchise work. I was learning about my own franchise and from the ground up my family business.

Come 2014, someone acquires 50% of my franchise and is now co-owner and I am starting into a management position on the marketing end for the family. 2015 comes fast and I sold the remaining half of my franchise to my co-owner and focus more on my family business.

Taking on More Challenges

I wanted to grow more, so I decided to take up the entire digital marketing department while also running the telemarketing department and assisting in other departments. It’s a family business, much like a startup, you wear many hats. But the franchise ended and I had free time that I wasn’t use to for I was running my digital franchise for so long, I forgot about free time.

I started learning about dropshipping, about other sources of income online, about passive income. I built a few stores and started running from there.

Welcome Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Fast forward to 2017. I decided quickly that I wanted to live remotely and travel while being my own boss. I sold literally everything I owned except for 2 backpacks of the “essentials” and my laptop.

I  lived in Chiang Mai for close to a year and explored what South East Asia had to offer. During my time living this lifestyle I explored every aspect of online businesses. My sole goal… learn everythig from the people who were also living this lifestyle.  I met dropshippers, FBA’ers, SEO’s, FB Ad Marketers, SEM Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and startup founders.

During that time I learned a lot and was quite thankful for it. But overall I felt I was still missing something. I wanted more. I recall meeting an ex-Uber and WeWork employee who led divisions in EU. He told me, “Robert, you think you are growing with this lifestyle. Try venturing into the startup world. I think you would exponentially grow there and may be more of what you desire.” Well, this individual over my time with him really inspired me.

Following the year in SEA, I moved to Bali for a few more months before deciding to head back to the states for new ventures in the startup world.

Next Chapter.. Startup Growth

Here we are today. I am the Lead Marketer for a Blockchain Based Esports Startup called FirstBlood. And I have been diving into yet again, new avenues of personal and career growth.  It is exactly what I was looking for and continue to strive towards. The next chapter for me consists of product experiments, data diving, product marketing and, growth levers.

I hope my lessons here inspire you to grow your own business and potentially even take the dive into the digital nomad world. It is a beautiful world and I encourage everyone to try and explore it.

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