7 Tips for Taking Creative Photos

7 Tips for Taking a Creative Photo

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. So you want to spark a new creative edge to your photography? Everyone has their own opinion on what is creative and what is not. Art is in the eye of the beholder, however; I hope this quick article will help you come up with some new ways to be creative with your photography.

This short post will be about techniques and ways that I use to this day to change a photo from boring (in my opinion) to that next level.

1 – Get Low

This may seem simple, but shooting from the ground or simply lower than your normal line of site can make all the difference.

My Camera is place an inch above this puddle to capture this photo.

Change your perspective and this can completely change the photo.

How to do this? Put your camera on the ground. Buy a tripod that has a low setting capability. Put yourself on the ground and shoot from it! Nothing makes you feel more into your shot than positioning yourself a certain way to capture the result you want. Not sure what kind of tripod? Take a look at my gear list for the tripods I have used for they are perfect for getting low! Here’s a link to my gear list.

2 – Add an Object 

Add an object into your frame! I’ve tested so many different objects until someone in Philadelphia showed me the “glass ball”. And for me, that has changed the way I look into a potential frame. Even if I love the frame and my photos, I still decide to add an object usually just to see how it comes out! Have some fun and add an object of you’re own!

Want to buy a glass ball of your own? Here’s the Amazon link ! Enjoy if you do buy and know, the 80mm glass ball is quite large and depending on your desire you can buy a smaller size too.

3 – Look Up

One thing that I can always say I do now, because of photography is, look up. You started shooting low, now, try looking up. Yup, literally tilt your head back and see what is at your higher perspective. Can you find symmetry? How does the sky look? The clouds? Are there tall buildings next to you? See if anything catches your eye and capture it.

4 – Rotate the Camera

Either during your shoot, or in post process, rotate the image. Something shot in landscape mode may look a certain way, but; by rotating your camera it can become something entirely else.

Taylor captured this photo while in landscape / wide mode. Tilt your head to the left and see the original capture.

5 – Keep Your Shutter Open

Instead of having a shutter open for 1/160, change your shutter to 1″ or longer. You may be surprised what you can do when you allow more light into your camera. Test what works best for your shoot, but know the longer you allow light into your camera the brighter it will end up. I advise trying to test “long exposure” photography during the evening hours or even at night.  I think once you open your eyes to long exposures you may start to have a lot of fun with it.

If you are to do this, ensure your camera is steady!

PRO TIP: Have a tripod setup! Your hands aren’t as steady as you think they are.

6 – Attire, Location, World

The beautiful thing about photography is you can create your own world. Two tips to creating your dream photo. 1 – Change your attire or have separate sets of clothing available prior to going out to your location.  2 – Go to locations that aren’t noticeably distinct, such as the middle of the woods.

PRO TIP: Try imaging your photo prior to trying to achieve it. Thus you are prepared and know how to potentially capture the desired shot.

7 – Have fun in Post-Process 

At this point, you have captured your shot. It may or may not be the exact shot you want. You’ve uploaded it to lightroom (or photoshop). It’s now time to play with your photos. Don’t be afraid to adjust literally everything from white balance, to saturation, vignetting, shadows/highlights, etc. You might be surprised that a photo you thought was just ok, has now become your new favorite. Get creative with this process and enjoy it!


Hope you enjoyed these 7 Tips to Creative Photography. All shots are by me and edited by me. If you’d like to learn more, have a question or anything really, post a comment here or message me on any of my social channels!


Thanks for reading and, all the best,



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