10 eCommerce Trends to Consider

10 eCommerce Trends

Welcome to the future of shopping. This article will cover 10 eCommerce trends. Ecommerce has had a massive year and is poised for an incredible future. Officially “53% of global internet users have made an online purchase in 2016- approx that’s 1 billion”.  This number will continue to increase, and that is quite exciting. It is showing that more than ever people are accepting the idea of purchasing products online.

This quick article is going to cover 10 eCommerce trends that could help you and your dropshipping business push to your next level!

1 – Personalized & Dynamic Shopping Experiences

82% of shoppers say that personalized content is extremely valuable to when they are making a purchasing decision. Welcome to the world personalization and Dynamic sales with each online shopping experience being unique to that individual. Unique content, product recommendations, add-ons all based around their interests, demographics, geographic location, market trends, past purchases and brand interactions.

2 – Farewell Black Friday & Cyber Monday

According to Google 88% of retailers in the U.S. start advertising sales in the first week of November. With consumers spending more than $400 billion on retail purchases throughout the month of November. Instead of waiting for these massive blow out days with crowds fighting in front of Walmart of Target, get ready for “Cyber November”. No need to set up a tent and wait for the “best deals” any longer. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will now just be part of an entire shopping month.

3 – Bring on the Artificial Intelligence!

It might not be exactly as exciting AI as we want or are waiting for, but; the time for AI is upon us and, consumers will love it (maybe)! If you haven’t already on 2017 will be the year of chatbots. A fully automated chat agent that will answer consumer questions and act as the first point of contact for many brands.

With automated phone systems being the death of 72 people last year, chatbots are going to be a great alternative for consumers to get the help they desire without punching in the wrong number on the phone pad, hitting zero to get to a support representative and then trying not to demolish whatever object is closest to you because it didn’t work.

4 – The End of Cash and You’re Wallet

Upgrades to mobile devices and the tech surrounding them with the addition to upgrades to merchants’ point-of-sale systems will prove to be a reason to leave the wallet at home for many this year. Mobile devices and majority of “wearables” are now all able to become your new wallet. I can imagine that this may be harder for some but many already have their credit cards all filed on their mobile devices. Making your transactions that much quicker safer and, with your credit cards being one less thing to worry about if you forgot it or not before going out.

5 – The Mobile Experience Is Incredible

It is proven now that in 2016 mobile website visits won over desktop for the first time ever. It’s time to think of your website users as a single user, and not as a “mobile user” and/or a “desktop user”. There is nothing wrong with distinction, however; cross-device selling is here and now.

Google has released they are working on a new, mobile-first web index. That means they are putting mobile first, than just having everything “optimized” for mobile.

We can also state that mobile is where the decision was made about a product. From there the customer heads to a desktop to make the purchase at a later time. Cough remarket to desktop cough.

6 – I want it now! 

And we all thought 2-day shipping was quick! This will be the year that people receive their first ever, same-day delivery.  A huge opportunity and challenge for retailers but likewise massive win for consumers. Amazon is already offering same-day delivery with any purchase over $35 to “Prime” members in 27 cities in the U.S. Where Walmart is exploring opportunities with Uber and Lyft as viable delivery “trucks” for them. A Forrester report states that 29% of consumers would be willing to pay extra for same-day delivery.

7 – Social Selling

One thing I’ve been able to witness as a Digital Marketing professional over the years is the tidal wave of social platforms and the power they have to influence and sell.

A whopping 70% of consumers consider products and brands recommended to them from their social circles as trustworthy!  And 74% of consumers actually use social media to make their purchase decisions.

8 – Omni Channel

Omni-channel means selling your products on multiple marketplaces and/or channels. Basically instead of just selling on just a website you sell in physical location you’re in a catalog, etc.

Many brands will start to show in places or channels that you may not have seen them before.

9 – Predicting Customer’s Next Purchase

There’s so much data out there. There’s even the term “Big Data” that is used to talk about it. With all of this “Big Data” being collected merchants are learning more than ever about each of us consumers. Linking each of our consumer profiles to purchasing habits, preferences and, yup, even next purchases, based on behavior of other customers with similar profiles.

10 – How do they know?!

Have you ever had an ad show up on your FB feed, google search or, on a random website side advertisement with a product or site you visited not so long ago? Yea, we all have, and that ad you are looking at is called a simply called, a remarketing ad.

Here’s the basic flow; Visitor comes to Your Website > Visitor Exits Site > Your Ad on Other Sites > Visitor Returns to Your Site

The general rule of any purchase behavior is it takes 7 touch points before a consumer buys a product. Every time you see the ad is another touch point. With remarketing, you can show the product that consumer was looking at multiple times (a.k.a. increase touch points) as they are browsing around the interwebs.

Final Thoughts

With 40% of US males aged 18-34 saying they would ‘ideally buy everything online’, compared to 33% of females in the same age bracket. I find it hard to believe eCommerce will be slowing down anytime soon, but; rather see record breaking years to follow. These 10 eCommerce trends that are bound to be seen this year and would be a opportunistic chance to level-up your business.

What ways do you think you can utilize them for your online business?

For me? I know I am focusing heavily on cross platform remarketing & social selling. Ensuring that as users come to my site(s) they will be shown ads across multiple platforms and channels to increase my touch points and inevitably increase sales.


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