Hey! My name is Robert Botto and I am a 28 year old from New Jersey. The past few years I have had the pleasure of living in Philadelphia but the roots are strong in Southern New Jersey.

In 2011 I am proud to say I graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelors in Agricultural Business Management. I was ready to join the “real world” and start making some real money within my family business. Eager to learn the in’s and out’s of the family business. In January 2012 I purchased a digital franchise while working full time with my family. Long story short, I was working a lot and loving it! Let’s just say, from 6:00am I am at work till about 9:30pm I get home from franchise work. I was learning about my own franchise and from the ground up my family business.

Come 2014, someone acquires 50% of my franchise and is now co-owner and I am starting into a management position on the marketing end for the family. 2015 comes fast and I sold the remaining half of my franchise to my co-owner and focus more on my family business. Still learning, I decide to take up the entire digital marketing department while also running the telemarketing department and assisting our sanitation and operations management team. But the franchise ended and I had free time that I wasn’t use to for I was running my digital franchise for so long, I forgot about free time.

I started learning about dropshipping, about other sources of income online, about passive income.

Fast forward 2017 as I am writing this post. I have successfully launched multiple dropshipping sites, sold one and, have been living in Chiang Mai for the past six months. Been taking photos, exploring what South East Asia and Thailand have to offer. Basically, I am, living the dream that I dreamt two years ago while sitting in my office cubicle.  10 Days from now I will be moving to Canggu Bali Indonesia for the next few months. I have decided to share my story, I hope you learn, enjoy and possibly, get inspired.

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